Bathtubs: How to Choose the Right One for Your Preferences

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One of the best ways to transform any bathroom is to replace an outdated bathtub. Not only does this help spruce it up a little, but it also helps add color and depth to your bathroom. Your bathtub is one of the most important aspects of your bathroom, one where you can enjoy a warm shower or a bubble bath after an exhausting day—so you want it to look as soothing and welcoming as possible!

When it comes to choosing the ideal bathtub for your bathroom, there are several factors that you should keep in mind. With the wide array of bathtub styles and designs out there, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one.

Here’s how you can choose the right bathroom for your preferences!

Consider its style
When picking out bathtubs, strongly emphasize space and material. This is because these two factors will greatly influence the kind of bathtub you end up choosing.

The size of your bathroom and the amount of space available will help you determine the size of the bathtub you need. Some bathtubs are also made with certain materials, so you’ll need to take these into account with your space too.

While some bathtubs don’t require a lot of time to install and are done so easily, others need more time. If you want an easier and less complicated option, freestanding bathtubs may be your best bet.

This is because they can be placed anywhere, and you won’t need connecting walls to have them installed. They are also visually appealing and can be an attractive centerpiece for your bathroom.

When homeowners invest in a bathtub, they want it to last them several years. Durability is an essential factor to consider when buying a bathtub. This is because it’s something that you’ll use almost every day, so you need to ensure it’s high-quality. Even if it costs you a few extra bucks, it’ll certainly be worth it in the long run!

Do your research beforehand
In order to choose the perfect bathtub in line with your personal preferences, you need to know what exactly is out there in the market! This will allow you to determine which design and style will be a great addition to your bathroom despite its size.

Choose from a range of built-in, drop-in, freestanding, or island bathtubs and make that bathing session a relaxing one!

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Do You Really Need Tiles for Your Bathroom?

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If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, there are so many interior design changes you can make. From sprucing up the decoration pieces to polishing the countertops, the options are endless. But have you thought about your bathroom tiles? 

In the world in interior design, tiles play an integral role. Bathroom tiles, in particular, can immediately give life to a bathroom, and if you choose the right color, you can give it an enticing underlying theme. Bathrooms are your blank canvas, and you can play with them as much as you like and get creative! 

Here’s why you need tiles for your bathroom: 

Aesthetic Appeal
Bathroom tiles can be an incredible design feature in your bathroom, and can instantly add beauty to an open space. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, tiles will make it appear more colorful and visually appealing.

Ceramic tiles, for instance, can be a great option for bathrooms as nothing beats the shine they offer.

They’re Water-Resistant
It’s no surprise that your bathroom is susceptible to having water splattered all over it. You can accumulate water between your sink, toilet, and shower as well as the bathroom floor and investing in bathroom tiles means you won’t need to worry about finding stubborn stains and molds in your bathroom again!

They are also much easier (and cheaper) to clean, and you can wipe water and dirt off them easily.

Highly Durable
High-quality bathroom tiles can last you years on end, and you won’t have to worry about them fading in color or chipping. As long as they are installed correctly with the appropriate sealant, you really can’t go wrong with them.

Moreover, they also add market value to your home in case you wish to sell it in the future.

Available in a Dynamic Variety
When it comes to tiles, you really don’t run out of options. You can find one that suitable for any bathroom size, and you can customize them as you wish.

Tiles are also available in a numerous variety of designs and colors, and you can always find ones to match with the décor theme of your bathroom. Bathroom tile options include but are not limited to, porcelain, marble, ceramic, and glass tiles.

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Get the Feel of A Spa No Matter How Small Your Bathroom

Having a small bathroom isn’t something to feel disheartened by. Bathroom fixtures and fittings have come a long way and no longer require to be bulky, so you can get the bathroom of your dreams even in a limited space.

Just imagine how incredible it would feel to have your own spa-inspired area! If you’ve always wanted a spa-style tub to relax in, here’s a guide just for you! Just think along the following lines:

Who will be using the tub?

Small Bathroom

Before you take the plunge on the kind of bathtub you want to get for your home, there are a few things to consider; mainly, ‘who will be using this bathtub?’ Will this bathtub be used by children? Will you be the only one using it? Or you require one that’s big enough for two?

If you have kids, then it’s wise to invest in a shallow bathtub instead of a deep one. You might also want to consider the finish of the bathtub to prevent the kids from slipping and hurting themselves. If the bathtub is just for yourself to use, you can invest in a small one and even a deeper one if that’s what you prefer. If you’re looking for a tub for two, make sure you’re getting one that’s big enough for the two of you to comfortably fit in, though, this may take up more room in your bathroom.

Is accessibility an issue?
Getting in and out of a bathtub can be an issue for those who are suffering from an injury or have problems with accessibility. Having your bathtub cut can make it easy to get in and out of.  TubcuT transforms a bathtub into a walk-in tub for those who require it. If you’d like to get a TubcuT, feel free to reach out to us!

Don’t choose a tub too narrow!

Bath Tub

When choosing bathtubs for a small bathroom, you’re surely going to want to get the slimmest tub you can find to optimize on the space. However, a tub less than 32 inches wide is going to be uncomfortable to soak in, taking away from the relaxing spa vibe you were going for.

It’s all about the layout
We believe that any bathroom can have a bathtub fitted if the layout of right. Make the most of the space you have by choosing the right corner for your bathtub. There are also a number of shapes to choose from when it comes to bathtubs.

It’s all about the color
Don’t worry if your desired bathtub isn’t in the relaxing, ‘Zen’ color you want. Bathtubs can easily be refinished to achieve the color you desire.

Get in touch with us at Reglazing Plus Inc. to have bathtub refinishing done per your style in Brooklyn, NY. We also offer bathroom remodeling services like TubcuT to convert your tub into a walk-in shower. Call 66-399-8827 for more information.

Bath vs. Shower: The Ultimate Showdown for Your Personal Hygiene!

Bath vs. Shower: The Ultimate Showdown for Your Personal Hygiene!

This is a debate as old as time; bath or shower. While some might prefer starting the day with a hot, energizing shower, others enjoy winding down in a warm bath after a busy day of work. So when it comes to your personal hygiene, you have to pick a side! But what will it be?

Let’s put both to the test and see which one emerges victorious as your wash-up routine!

Bathing in the Luxury of Baths

Woman in Bathtub

No matter how many arguments ‘non-bathers’ make about the fact that baths are just a means of soaking in your own filth; they can’t deny the ultimate luxury of a good bath! Baths can be so versatile; you can have bubbles, bath bombs, or even enjoy a glass of wine with your favorite book, all while shedding all your worries and the day’s stress!

In fact, according to a recent clinical study, baths proved more beneficial than showers for both mental and physical health! As dermatologist Whitney Bowe, MD claims that baths can help lower the levels of cortisone, which subsequently prevents premature aging and acne growth. So, unless you’re rolling around in mud all day, taking a bath isn’t as unhygienic as #TeamShower would make it sound!

Shower Your Blessings!

Man Taking a Shower

While a relaxing bath is what you need at a day’s end; showers definitely take the lead when it comes to starting the day with a bam! And anyway, you can’t take baths in the morning, and be at work on time.

In comparison, you can take a shower anytime, anywhere! They’re quick, energizing and environmentally a better choice! As Grist calculated that a regular bath uses up 36 gallons of water and a quick shower can use up to 25 gallons of water (unless you do some soul searching and end up taking a 45-minute long shower!).

In fact, it seems that not only do showers help save water, but they also help save the natural moisture of your skin as compared to baths. Because the amount of water that makes contact with your skin is less than the tub of water that just consumes you!

#TeamBath or #TeamShower?

It seems the final verdict comes down to your personal preferences and also the size of your bathroom if you live in a tiny New York apartment! Whichever it is, we can help you! At Reglazing Plus, Inc. we provide professional bathtub refinishing services in Brooklyn, New York as well as the revolutionary Tub-Cut to shower conversions at affordable rates! Get in touch now to get a free estimate!

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