Common Problems that Occur When Re-glazing a Bathtub and How to Avoid Them!

When it comes to bathroom renovation and refinishing, re-glazing is a task that requires a degree of skill, training, and finesse. In the absence of any one of these, chances are the re-glazing in question won’t really be done right.


Re-glazing is a great way to make your bathtub look fresh and aesthetically pleasing. It also protects tubs that may have been previously damaged from further wear and erosion. This is of course if the re-glazing is done the right way!

Common Problems that Occur When Reglazing and Possible Solutions

There are a few problems that commonly occur when re-glazing is not done properly. We’re going to elaborate on these and precautions you could take to avoid them.


Sometimes you may find that bubbles show up post a bathtub glazing job. This happens under a number of circumstances. One possibility is if you don’t let your bathtub rest for long enough after the glazing is done. Another instance where this problem occurs is if the previously done glazing is not removed before the application of fresh glazing.

Having a previously finished tub stripped off old finishing before new glazing is applied is one solution (mention this to your professional). Another is to wait at least twenty-four hours before using your bathtub once the job is done.


Wall with Rough Surface

Minuscule or negligible imperfections in your bathtub finish are not uncommon given that the bathroom environment is not free of dust and other contaminants. If however, your bathtub does not feel smooth for the most part after a glazing job, this could be a problem. Alternatively, this could also happen if the tub surface isn’t sanded down or smoothened correctly pre-glazing.

Solutions here would include having your tub properly treated before glazing.

Sticky Surface

On the flipside, if your tub surface feels sticky after it has been re-glazed and you have let it rest for the prescribed period, the first thing you should do is contact your re-glazing professional. A sticky surface shows that your glazing has not set properly and might need to be redone.

The only solution here is to contact the company. If you work with a reliable bathroom refinishing company, this should not be too much of a hassle.


This is something that does not happen if you hire a qualified re-glazing professional to do the job. Colors only fade if the glaze mixture is not stable or done incorrectly.

Again the only solution here is to reconnect with the company and have it redone.

Get the Job Done Right

The problems above are the sort you could experience with any company. For the most part, however, a reliable and well-reputed bathroom refinishing and refurbishing company offering bathtub re-glazing among their services would ensure that such mishaps do not occur. This would save you time as well as energy, so it makes sense to get the job done once and to get it done right!

If you’re looking for a bathroom refinishing company offering quality bathtub re-glazing services in Brooklyn – NY, we’re here to help!

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