Convert Your Tub to allow for Greater Freedom

Is getting in and out of your bathtub difficult? Reglazing Plus, Inc. is a company in Manhattan, NY, that specializes in tub to shower conversion for residential and commercial clients throughout New York (including Nassua County and Queens) NJ and CT.

We can modify your current tub cutusing the TubcuT® method, so you can safely step into your walk-in tub instead of over it. This amazing modification of your tub cutwill help you get in and out of your tub safely and help you keep your independence. It only takes five to six hours to complete and you can use it the very next day!

Save up to 90% with TubcuT

TubcuT is a great solution for independence in the bathroom and maintaining a safe environment without breaking your budget. We convert any existing bathtub to a walk-in shower, even cast iron tubs, giving you the ability to walk into your bathtub instead of having to step over it. A shower curtain is all that is needed to keep the water in, just like a shower stall.

Don’t be fooled by imitators. We offer the original TubcuT process, not a cap or insert that rises above the rail of your tub and is just caulked in with a six to eight-inch step. Our system becomes an integral part of your tub and sits four inches off the floor, giving you easier, safer access to your bathtub. The TubcuT comes in various sizes and follows the exact contour of your tub, unlike any other method.

Best of all, it’s reversible! Just save the cut out piece and we can restore it 100%—you would never know you ever had TubcuT. No one else in the industry can say that.

An Alternative to Your Typical Soaking Walk-in Tub

Starting at $5,000 without installation, typical soaking walk-in tubs can be very pricey. All that expense just to find out that by the time it fills up, you wish you were done already. Try taking a bath and sitting in the tub for three to five minutes, just waiting for the water to completely drain out. Not very comfortable. It “looks” like a great idea, but most don’t find it practical. Whether it is for the handicapped, elderly, or the mobility-challenged, the TubcuT is an easy and affordable solution. Our handicap accessible tub modification meets ADA standards.